Zamperoni We enter every single costumer's order in an administrarive management, do an analytical processing of each code (each product is identified by a code), we have a stock of all the drawings and also for the files in PDF, DWG, DXF, IGES, etc.
Preparation of the draft in order to display it in a three-dimensional view, where the components may be individually moved, with the aim of highlighting the progressive assembly of each part, or proportionally change the size and the geometric relationships.

Zamperoni We realise a simple idea or a project from a drawing or a sketch or directly from a file, in order to view it in a three-dimensional form. But why? Because in this way we can know, befor the phisical realisation of the product, the time of manufactuing and the cost. The data-processing is then sent to the machin tools.
We process the data in CAD-CAM and the they are transformed into the ISO program. After these steps they are directly sent to the machine tools and stored in the PC. In this way, the operator has simultaneously all datas that are needed for the machining, from the order to the drawing (that can be on paper or saved in the PC) to the program CNC (the machine).