Drilling Revolver

Drilling Revolver is  a mechanical machine designed to pierce and to blade crochets for ski-boots and is provided with four heads, that move concurrently to a holding-silhouttes disc, with eight positions in a continuous cycle.

This cycle is semi-automatic, with a manual loading and an automatic unloading of the workpiece.

To drill or to blade we use a liquid coolant, that (with a jet of emulsion) slows considerably the tools' overheating, thus prolonging the duration, and it helps to keep the shapes clean. This coolant is better than any other oil misting, that for their nature, cause a poor cleaning.

The tooling and centering of the drilling templates is simple and fast, thanks to horizontal, vertical and inclined slides; the positioning of the heads and/or change the bits is performed quickly thanks to the slide door heads operated by a central handwheel.