Mini Electric Roaster


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The Mini Electric Roaster Valentina is designed for people who like enjoying the spit-roasted meat. It's a modern creation, with the goal of allowing, at every opportunity, to make a mini-spit even for a single person, without the need to go searching among relatives or friends to get the exact number. This late research highlights the problem created by roasters sold nowadays on the market, having a quite large size. These roasters don't allow to cook a skewer for one or two people. The Mini Roaster has small dimensions and is characterized by a low energy consumption.


The materials used to build the Mini Roaster, which ensure the hygiene, are: anodized aluminium, of various colors, even on specific personal requests and stainless steel, used for port-spiedine.
Technical data:
Voltage: 220 volts
Resistance: 455 watt
Dimensions: 426x238 H=210 m/m
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